Sushmita Patwardhan

Medical Writer at Precisionscientia

Former Postdoctoral Fellow


I am a microbial ecologist by training. For my PhD, I used culture-based as well as computational methods to investigate the microbial community composition and function at a shallow-water gas vent in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy. My interests lie in understanding the interactions between microorganisms and their in situ environment and how one affects the other.


In the Gibbons lab I will continue exploring these interactions in the human gut environment. To that end, I will be investigating the ecological succession and function of microbial communities in the infant gut. This will help us gain a deeper insight into microbial community assembly in early life, which will ultimately contribute towards developing methods to engineer the gut microbiome for a healthy life.


Outside of work I love to cook and enjoy reading! I have been trained in a classical Indian dance form, which I hope to take up again.