Stephanie Swegle

Former Undergraduate Intern

I am a rising junior at the University of Notre Dame studying Neuroscience and Behavior and Data Science. At school, I am conducting research in the Archie lab about the connections between diet, social behavior, and microbiome composition in baboons. I am also the rising Lead Layout and Design Editor and a writer for Scientia, the science journal on campus.

At ISB, I will be researching how a high fiber diet impacts the niche space of specific microbes in the human gut microbiome. I will look for changes in metabolite production (specifically, short chain fatty acid production), food consumption, and competition for each microbe that I study.

I am very interested in how diet can impact microbiome composition, which can in turn impact neurotransmitter production and immune health. In the future, I would love to study the gut-brain connection, especially in relation to mental health. I hope to use a systems biology approach to improve health outcomes for patients.

For fun, I love to spend time exploring the PNW through hiking, backpacking, and camping. I also love playing guitar, skiing, biking, cooking, playing tennis, and spending time with friends and family.