Kat Ramos Sarmiento

Research Associate

I have recently graduated from UCSD with a B.S. in Microbiology. I began my laboratory career at Garage Brew Co. as a Lab Assistant, where many of my responsibilities centered around Quality Assurance, such as managing yeast health, fermentation tracking, and monitoring various checkpoints in the brewing process. Later in my academic career, I became an undergraduate Research Assistant at the Dutton Lab, where I contributed to projects investigating microbial communities by utilizing cheese as a model system.

I am passionate about research regarding the human gut microbiome and its involvement in our immune system, so I am excited to be a part of the Gibbons lab at ISB and its research on the gut microbiome. As a Research Associate, I will be assisting in investigating individual microbiome responses to diet using anaerobic ex vivo stool incubation assays.

In my free time, I enjoy roller skating around the city, watching cartoons, playing video games, and exploring National Parks.