Conner Hyde

Former High School Intern

I am a student at Gibson Ek high school, a Big Picture learning school in Issaquah. Part of what “Big Picture” means is reaching out to professionals in the real world and taking on internships that align with potential career paths. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we go to these internships and learn all that we can.

In the Gibbons Lab, I work on isolating gut bacteria and use flow cytometry to measure cell size. I am learning a lot about equipment, safety procedures, and Python coding. I am having a blast, and I still have much to learn!

Outside of the lab, I love to run and hike. I am currently training for a marathon.

After high school, I’d love to get a Ph.D. in some type of microbiology (I haven’t pinned down the specifics). I would like to work in a lab like the one I work in now.