Aurora Mattson-Hughes

Former Master's Student

I was a master’s student at the University of Washington where I studied Genetic Epidemiology through the Institute for Public Health Genetics. I graduated in 2023. Prior to this I graduated from Western Washington University with a B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology. While studying for my bachelors, I had the opportunity to work in a startup genetics lab studying mitochondrial diseases in drosophila. Thanks to my background and the interdisciplinary nature of my master’s program, I have developed many research interests including but not limited to genome/microbiome interactions, associations between mental health and gut health, vaginal microbiome and sexual/reproductive health, and infectious disease epidemiology. At ISB, I put my skills to the test as I completed my thesis work, looking at associations between physical fitness, the gut microbiome, host genetics, and blood metabolites.

Outside the rigors of grad school, I spend most of my time reading, playing video games, listening to good music, staying active, being outdoors, and hanging out with my closest friends and family.