Arden Lee

Former Undergraduate Intern

I am a senior at Cornell University majoring in Plant Sciences with a concentration in Computational Biology and pursuing a minor in Computer Science.  During the academic year, I work in the Moghe Lab developing pipelines for projects such as predicting enzyme active sites and protein function.  I am also a member of the Cornell Mars Rover team, for which I have researched tests to identify extinct and extant life.  This year, I am planning to develop a neural network for analyzing rock samples.

In the Gibbons Lab, I am researching how and when microbes establish in the infant gut microbiome.  To do so, I will be looking at the impact of maternal and infant lifestyles on the infant’s microbiome over time and studying how the introduction of solid foods changes the ecological niche space in the infant gut.  In the future, I would love to continue studying the impact of early life conditions on gut microbiome development to better understand its relationship to allergies and asthma.

In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, cooking, drawing, and exploring the outdoors.